3 Replies to “Florida Charter school, get your kid FCAT tutoring or we will kick them out!”

  1. Um, yeah. We so cannot do this in public schools, and of course, we should never do this. I have had students come to me having earned a 1 or 2 on the FCAT Reading test. When they leave, many earn 3's, 4's, or 5's, not that the FCAT matters in the slightest, except for the stranglehold it has over graduation.

  2. It is especially aggravating because the principal pulled the "I expressed myself poorly" excuse on us. Her mistake was that she wrote all too well and the meaning was clear. Because, really, it has to be embarrassing to be a charter school and have advantages that traditional public schools do not have, and the best a charter can do is equal the performance.

  3. I also pity that principal. Surely the owners of the business (yes, I chose that word deliberately) took her to the woodshed.

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