Fel Lee school board chair gives the devil his due

Our school board chair had praise for out going superintendent
Ed Pratt-Dannals today in a Times Union article talking about Duval’s
graduation rate.

He said: “I guess it’s a tribute to what’s been going on here in Duval
County and to the previous leadership of Ed Pratt-Dannals.

What concerns me about the graduation rate is how grade
recovery and teachers being told to watch how many Fs and Ds they give both inflated the graduation rate and all but destroyed student accountability. Ed Pratt-Dannals should get
credit for those things too.

Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/community/clay/2012-11-30/story/nassau-st-johns-lead-florida-graduation-rates#comment-675144#ixzz2DqLQcYpl

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