Families making $78,600 are now eligible for low income school vouchers (draft)

Florida or should I say the people running Florida really hate public education as evident by a bill headed to the governors desk that will dramatically increase both who is eligible for vouchers and the amount.

Before I continue I just want to remind everyone that voucher schools can take and keep whoever they want, are allowed to discriminate and have so little accountability you might as well say they have none.  

So it used to be only money diverted from the treasury went to vouchers but that changed last year, when DeSantis said any school that gets public money, is a public school which pretty much obliterated what was in the state constitution, but hey it is just the constitution which at this point is no longer a hallowed document but more like suggestions scribbled on a cocktail napkin.

This year Florida said, hold my peer.

From Florida Politics,

A measure increasing access to school voucher money is now ready for the Governor’s signature.
The measure raises income caps, allowing more families to apply for vouchers. It also expands the maximum number of vouchers available.
For the Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) households making up to 300% of the federal poverty level would be able to apply, up from a cap of 185%. If there’s still money left and more than 5% of scholarships are available, students whose families earn up to 325% of the federal poverty level would be eligible.
The maximum number of students allowed to participate in the FES scholarship program would also increase annually by 1% of the state’s total public school student enrollment, up from the 0.25% currently allowed.
Sigh, so lets look at the poverty level.
So a family of four making 78,600 is now eligible for a voucher. Hardly seems like we are in saving poor kids from failing schools territory any more. 
A couple more stats about vouchers, most kids leave after a couple year and most kids come from schools with C grades or higher.  So we have them for “reasons”.
Friends, the sad reality is, things are not going to get better until we elect pro education candidates. Things will just get worse and worse until their goal of a hodge podge of charters and voucher schools is achieved. 

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