Fact Checker says Jeb Bush doesn’t understand what a fact is

It never gets old having to debunk Jeb
Bush; unfortunately it never gets anything more than sad as well. If you have
heard Jeb Bush speak, right after bashing teachers he invariably says the
United States spends more on education than every other country and he’s right
except for those pesky countries that have dared spend more than us.
Here is the thing, even if he was right and he is not, then
so what. The United States is the most prosperous nation in the world, probably
in the history of the world. Shouldn’t we be spending more on education than
everyone else, shouldn’t we be spending a lot more?

When it is all said and done people are going to
consider Jeb Bush a villain who cost millions of kids their futures and held
the country back. He is disgusting and as the article points out factually challenged.

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  1. I know some on the right don't care for facts and think that is okay that they are lied to but I disagree.

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