Exempt your child from high stakes testing

From Mark Naison

The more you rate schools and teachers on the basis of student test scores, the more you make education boring, stressful and humiliating for the nation’s young people. And since no one in a position of either party appears to get this, it is going to take a Test Revolt by the nation’s parents to bring them to their senses. And it’s starting. In almost every state, parents are asking, and in some cases, demanding that their children be exempt from the growing number of standardized tests. Their numbers are still small, but in a few years, they are going to coalesce into a powerful movement that will shake Education Policy in this country to its foundations. And force a very different tone in the Presidential Debates in the 2016 Elections when education is being discussed.

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  1. I am a Professor Emeritus of Education, City Univ. of NY, and am also fighting High Stakes Testing. I have published on this. I can send you an outline and a full article I wrote, which I am sure will be ammunition for you to fight back. Meanwhile, here are two articles by me, but I can send more to you, to where?
    Best regards for your work,
    Prof. Howard Seeman

    • “If Teachers Cannot Connect to Themselves, They Will Not Connect With Students,” at: teachers.net/gazette/wordpress/howard-seeman/teachers-connect/ TeacherNet Gazette, March 2012.

    • “The Side Effects of Standardized Testing”, at: administrators.net/chatboard/topic10733/ and teachers.net/gazette/wordpress/howard-seeman/the-side-effects-of-standardized-testing/ TeacherNet Gazette, June, 11, 2011.

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