3 Replies to “Everything that is wrong with VAM and testing in Florida in four minutes. A must watch!”

  1. Chris, How and where was Luke able to get his scores? I only know my VAM score for 2013-2014 from the number published by the Florida Times Union. From that number I could only surmise that it was calculated using Reading scores. I did not teach Reading or ELA last year. So who and how did the state calculate my VAM, which nowhere resembles the district calculated gains of 74% for the courses I did teach, indicated in my teacher evaluation. My profile only gives a list of students with a yes or no for gains. No numbers, no information such as that indicated by Luke. Where can we get our data? We should be able to see every student we are held accountable for and how each student performed. Do we have to file under the Freedom of Information Act?

  2. I asked earlier via FB and he said the state provides the districts with the info and his union insists the district share it with teachers. I contacted my building rep to tell her to let Brady & Co. know they need to get on this.

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