Even when the district does something right, it is wrong, Laptop edition

The district just said no to 40 million dollars by lowering its budget.

They must be trying to make up a few thousand of that by selling used laptops at 50 dollars a pop.

Instead of the QEA paying for a doomed merit pay scheme this is exactly the type of thing, laptops for poor students, they should be financing.

Also I take the internet for granted and have easy access to it but you know doesn’t? The families that would most benefit from the laptop sell.

Finally fifty dollars isn’t a lot to me but you know who it is a lot to? The families that could use the laptops the most.

So Dear Duval, thanks but you could and should be doing better.

DCPS is conducting an online sale of used laptops for $50 each. The sale starts noon on Friday, August 26th. All sales are first come, first serve, final and one per student. Purchase your laptop beginning noon on Friday, August 26th at https://dcps.schoolcashonline.com/.
Print out your receipt bring it with you to pick up your laptop at Wolfson High School at 7000 Powers Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32217 on Saturday, September 3rd between 8 a.m. – Noon.

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