Even during a Pandemic Jacksonville finds money to give the KIPP school

I can’t, I just can’t.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

So we have this pandemic, you may have heard, money is tight, things are being cut and still, the city finds almost a quarter of a million dollars to give to the KIPP school. You know, because no other school matters.

From the bill,

Bill Summary: This bill authorizes the Kids Hope Alliance to provide direct funding in the amount of
$631,018 to the Jacksonville Alliance for KIPP School to allow for enhanced services to be provided to
At-Hope Children & youth in Jacksonville.
Background Information:

The Jacksonville Alliance for KIPP Schools has been funded at the same
level for the past three years within the Out-of·School Time (OST) Essential Service Category. Under
the new RFP issued in March 2020, their program model was no longer eligible because the extra
services that are offered as part of extended hours to the school day are for all students, rather
than during after-school hours to a subset of students. Nevertheless, KHA has seen promise in this
model and is able to continue funding it through direct funding to ensure these children continue to
receive the enhanced services.

Impact Area: Out-of-School Time services
Fiscal Impact: $631,018


Everybody remember the battle over the referendum? Of course, you do, that was so the benefactor of the KIPP school Gary Chartrand could get paid. The KIPP school owes him something like 7 million dollars. So to get him his money, the district will now lose hundreds of millions, so I guess whats a little more. 

This money, by the way, is to go to pay for their long day not for an extended day program.

This is exhausting.

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