Estimated Completion date of city public records request, 12/11/2019 at 3:17 PM um wha?!? (draft)

First, wow what a specific time, that is amazing.

Second the city basically just told me to screw off. 

Let me explain what happened. Scott Shine sent the city council a letter saying there were a dozen IDEA charter schools on the way.

The Times Union did a report where IDEA said they planned to bring six, something they had told the district.

At a city council meeting in July, Aaron Bowman said 12.

So thinking maybe IDEA was telling different people different things, I asked IDEA myself and they told me 12.

So I wanted to see what they told the council, so I asked to see all the emails where IDEA was discussed.

Aaron Bowman told me he had none, which raised some red flags because I know I had sent him one, in response, to the one Scott Shine had sent. Now I am not that great in math but I know 1 plus 1 is 2 and 2 is greater than none.  

I don’t know how they do their searches and I could see if somebody was going through each email  they might have missed a mention about IDEA, but they missed at least two and again that raised a red flag.

So I asked to see all of Bowman’s since May first and for good measure all of Wilson’s since June 1st.  I thought you know this way nobody has to go painstakingly through each email looking for a phrase here or there and I would just do it.  I really want to take up as little of their time as possible.

Initially I thought they were going to burn them on a CD for me as I got this email. 

No, Sir.  Not required. We are aware of your public record search request.  Very direct with dates, sent and received.  Only asking for two months of emails ..we can burn those to a CD.  I have ITD performing the task.. you only have two Search Names 

I thought wow this is pretty impressive, they take this seriously. 

Then I got this, 

 Hi Mr. Guerrieri,

The below public record request has been posted to the CARE system and has been assigned an Issue # of 2019-185601. Please use this tracking number and the address 117 Duval St W Unit 425 to check on the status of your request at

I thought okay cool, the emails will be online, but that’s not quite what I discovered when I went there.

And there is that incredibly specific date. I sent an email double checking with the city, but if that date is accurate then it’s probably as close to a middle finger as they are allowed to give. I can see it now I will get an email in five months and I will be like um what?

I get it public giving public records can be a pain, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important and the production of them should be prompt and thorough something that was obviously not the case here.

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