Erika Donalds operator of the Classical Charter school invites Trump to town

Sigh, okay, deep breaths,

Donald Trump has no idea about education, at the state of the union he shilled for school choice, which is little more than getting the public to pay for religious educations and lining the pockets of charlatans and mercenaries with charters. He appointed Betsy Devos perhaps the worst cabinet member ever to be secretary of education, and Erika Donalds the operator of the classical charter school worships at the alter of Trump and in a tweet invited him to town.

I guess we should be glad she took a break from shilling for discrimination, something she did all weekend.

I have concerns, grave concerns about the classical charter school, and they range from the teaching of non science, the banning of books, the exclusion of certain students and the operator thinking Donald Trump has a role to play in education. 

Jacksonville is this really what we need? 

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