Eric Fresen’s Just Because

Most people won’t care what a state representative from
south Florida says or does unless they live in south Florida.  That however would be a mistake especially when
it comes to Miami’s Eric Fresen because what he says and does affects us all.  

Fresen is one of the most powerful men in Tallahassee
and despite the fact his family owns and operates charter schools he often
votes on charter school legislation that is favorable to the industry. When
asked why charter schools should be allowed to open in neighborhoods with thriving
and successful schools, hurting them by siphoning away resources, Fresen said
in the Sun Sentinel,    “I would never put a facility above
the academic options of children.”

There you have it, he thinks we should have charter schools, “just
because.” Not because they do a better job, the Stanford Credo the definitive
charter schools study said they do not and not because they are needed either as
more and more charter schools, many of which are managed by for profit
management companies are setting up in neighborhoods that already have great
schools, but “just because”.
In Florida over 295 have taken public money and failed leaving
families and communities in a lurch and this includes two already this school year,
not calendar year mind you but since school started a couple weeks ago.
Finally, please don’t let the words “school choice” fool you,
its privatization that Fresen and his friends want, and not for the sakes of
our children but for the sakes of their bank accounts. It is way past time we
reined in the charter industry. As a group charters do more harm than good.

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  1. The Horse Race is fixed. No one cares or they are too stupid know the difference. All I can say is this…….there will come a time when these same political leaders will fall prey to the problems they create.

    Rich people make good targets for people who have very little. As their wealth grows and the rest of society's resources diminish, these politicians, and their children, and their children's children will have targets on their backs.

    The 'Sins of the Father' is a reality. It's not the result of a cruel God, but a natural consequence of man's sin. Karma is a sight to behold when you witness it firsthand.

    Thankfully karma doesn't always have to be negative, so keep up the good work Chris

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