Eric Fresen Florida’s worst legislator ever

Sit down friends this one is a doozy.
From the St. Augustine Record when commenting about
vouchers: “There is a pent-up demand for that program, a potential demand in
the future, and we are going to allow for that demand be met,” Rep. Erik
Fresen, R-Miami, told reporters after the 8-4 vote by the House Education
Appropriations subcommittee.
Um what about the pent up demand to stop standardized tests?
Maybe a few people do want vouchers but millions are tired of teaching to the
test, sadly unlike the voucher people they haven’t contributed to Fresen’s reelection
campaigns.  The bottom-line for him is if
you are a public school parent or student you don’t matter to him.
It gets worse though, also from the record: .Organizations
that run the program estimate as many 25,000 additional students are trying to
get into the program now, although at one point Fresen contended that as many
as 100,000 students want to enroll in it.
So Fresen took their money and then lied for them, talk
about ethics.
What can I say about his scruples that his words don’t
already say for him.  

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