Elizabeth Anderson, takes off the kid gloves and lays some knowledge on the city.

Elizabeth Anderson, takes off the kid gloves and lays some knowledge on the city.
Mrs. Anderson has not been on the board a year yet and where often board members are tentative out of the block she has hit the ground running and has been a fierce advocate for our schools. I wish all the new members would be more like her and primarily I am looking at Charlotte Joyce who has not only voted against everything of importance I am told has often been unprepared.  
Mrs. Anderson and the board have been put in a nearly impossible situation trying to defend the tax referendum and their jobs from a mayor, city council and state legislator who are more interested in serving their donors that the city’s children and citizens.
Well friends in that pursuit, Mrs. Anderson laid some knowledge on the city today something she read in the Times Union
Wow, mic drop.
To read the Times Union editorial, click the link,
Shouldn’t the city council stay in their lane? Is that asking too much? I am sure their input on school matters would be listened to and respected but being a defacto super school board is not in their job description. They have other problems one of which is the murder rate which is now twenty percent higher than its previous high.
I am impressed with Mrs. Anderson, not so much with other politicians and Mrs. Joyce I am looking at you, it is past time you stepped up and started to do the job you were elected to do and if rumors are true stopped listening to your husband and his business partner, you have been disappointing but sadly you have plenty of company on the the city council.   

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