Education reforms are unraveling. Standardized tests and Vouchers join the list.

Two stories in the news recently exemplify that point. The
first is the revelation that a steady diet of standardized tests does not lead to being able to analyze
material and think logically.
In a finding
that should give pause to backers of standardized test-based school reform, a 
by neuroscientists at three major universities shows
that students who achieved  the highest gains on standardized tests did
not show the same gains in the ability to analyze material and think logically.
The second is the notion that private schools do better than
public schools and that incorrect notion has fueled the voucher movement.
“For several years, there has been this bipartisan push
for education reform…. One of the main assumptions is that if you further
deregulate, adopt a private-style method for schools, that it might be more
effective and lead to higher academic outcomes…. The evidence doesn’t
necessarily bear that out.”
Throw in all the charter school news, the push back against
odious teacher evaluations that rely on Value Added Measures and the unraveling
of Common Core, then what do they have left.

Friends these corporate reformers aren’t about
improving education, they are about improving their bank accounts and nothing

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