Education reformers want everybody to be accountable but them.

Accountability, accountability, accountability it is one of
the words that education reformers scream to the high heavens. The thing is
they are talking about accountability for teachers and public schools not about
them. Instead they want you to ignore the man behind the curtain.
Look at charter schools, in Ohio and Florida and all around
the country which have become cash cows for hedge fund managers and supporters
of the republican party, then there is vouchers in Louisiana and Florida that
send children to schools that teach intelligent design or that have teachers
without degrees, and what about all the odious teacher evaluation bills that use
the value added formulas that can be wildly inaccurate or have teachers evaluated
based on students who they never even taught, yeah that one was Florida too.  Then don’t get me started about Teach for America
which does the exact opposite of what we know to be best practices and assures
our most vulnerable classrooms will have an ever revolving door of camp
counselors, who say, I’ll give that a try.
Where is the accountability with charter schools as several
have failed in Florida in the last few weeks alone sucking precious resources
out of legitimate classrooms?
Private schools that take vouchers have no requirements on
who they hire and very little on their curriculum. Last year several private
schools in Florida, poor, poor Florida, said they would stop taking vouchers if
their kids had to take the FCAT, who wants to bet if that had more to do with
the poor education they were providing  than
their desire to keep the gov’ment out of their schools.
Pretty much all of this had to do with money too. TFA is used
to break the power of collective bargaining which has salary, benefit, working
conditions and pension ramifications. Charter schools are being used to line the
pockets of real estate moguls, hedge fund managers and Chinese nationals
looking for green cards.
Everything bad that has happened is blamed on teachers and
schools but I will tell you what, a teacher never cut a budget and no public schools
I know thinks it is okay that we have 400 Americans worth 2 trillion dollars
while a fifth of our kids live in poverty.
Accountability for us and truck loads full of cash for them.

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