Education Matters flubs First and Second amendment, but that doesn’t mean vouchers still aren’t a bad deal in Florida

I did it and I feel like a moron for doing so. I did it in a
St. Augustine Record op-ed about vouchers. In the piece I wrote, First, let’s forget how vouchers
obliterate the Second Amendment, as 90 percent go to religious schools. 
I obviously should have written the First amendment.
That should be the end of the story but Redefined Ed took
offence to my piece, first noting my mix up above but then going on to
The author of
a column to which he was responding is back with another item that flubs basic
facts, confuses the First and Second Amendments, and makes false allegations
about Step Up For Students, which helps administer the program and co-hosts
this blog. –
In my voucher piece I also wrote:  Finally, voucher
expansion means giving more money to Step up for Students, which admitted
it keeps the numbers on its waiting list on the back of an envelope and who has
given public money to legislators in an effort to get even more public money.
Why isn’t this organization under investigation or indictment?
I guess those
are the false allegations they say I made up but of course I didn’t.
Here is a piece
in the Washington Post about how their wait list doesn’t even exist
followed by a
piece from the horses mouth (ReDefined Ed) saying they did their wait list
calculations on the back of an envelope.
Finally here is a Tampa Times piece showing a video where they admit lobbying for more public money by giving campaign donations. Friends this is something
the legislature who despite being big friends of vouchers found so unappealing
they put restrictions on this year.

The truth is from time to time I am going to mess up.
Sometimes they will be innocent inverting a word here or there like with first
and second and other times I am going to be just plain out wrong, running with something
that seems solid before I get all the details but at the end of the day I am
going to try really hard to get it right and what I did get right is vouchers as
they are done now are just a bad deal for Florida. 

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