Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran straight up says he wants to destroy public education. I can’t make this stuff up

Richard Corcoran is Florida’s commissioner of education, not because he has experience or is qualified for the job in any way what so ever,  it’s because he wants to destroy public education and whether it was by mistake or because he feels emboldened he admitted so.


When Gov. Ron DeSantis named Corcoran to lead the state’s public school system, traditional school advocates worried about what it would mean. Florida had about 2.8 million kids enrolled in public schools last year. Now, though, Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna worries those fears are being validated.
“I met several months ago with the commissioner of education and he made no bones about it. He sees nothing wrong with cutting our traditional public school system by two-thirds.”
Corcoran wasn’t able to be reached for comment. A spokesperson for the Florida Department of Education sent the following statement:
“Every parent deserves the opportunity to choose the educational environment that best serves their child, whether it is a traditional public school, public charter school, private school, magnet school, home education or virtual school. Since children have different learning needs, it is vitally important that parents and guardians have a wide range of available school choice options so they can make the best choice possible for their child.”
Hardly a denial.
Corcoran would like nothing better than to see traditional public schools replaced with a hodge podge of charters and voucher schools and he could care less that those options are inferior, and exclude children.
Friends, we have to wake up the future of public ed and our children are on the line.  

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