Ed Reformers, if only the rich had more money!

It has always befuddled me the rights trickle down argument.
That is if the rich have more money they will spend it and it will benefit
everybody. We have had 30 plus years of it and all it has led to is
unprecedented income inequality. If the rich had cats or newspapers instead of
money they would be featured on cable TV shows like hoarders.
What’s my point? It’s education deformers like Robert Enlow president and
CEO of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice are still
for education
savings accounts (ESAs), which families can use to cover private school
tuition, tutors, therapies, online courses – or a combination of those tools –
and even college expenses for everyone regardless of income. Hey make an obscene
amount of money? Well here is a few thousand more at taxpayer’s expense. That
expensive private school just got a little cheaper.
Furthermore I guess it doesn’t matter to Enlow that study
after study says kids who attend voucher private schools don’t do any better
but facts and evidence rarely deter these guys from what their gut says or what
their lifestyle demands.
Later in the article he went on to bemoan high stakes
testing saying parents did not choose private schools because of how well they
did on them saying, Moreover, not one surveyed parent said “higher standardized
test scores” were the main reason they chose a private school. Why then are we
pushing schools down the standardized path?
But his answer is not to do away with them or diminish their
importance; instead his answer is to give taxpayer money to rich people and to
siphon resources out of public schools.
I want to make one more point. He then went on to say
competition has been great for a number of industries, agriculture,
transportation, power, communication and, most recently, computers and the
Isn’t agriculture practically owned by a few super companies
and don’t we give out huge farm subsidies, didn’t taxpayers build the
transportation infrastructure and bail out Detroit, aren’t most power companies
(besides big oil) quasi-governmental institutions using tax payer funded
infrastructure, communication resulted only after the government broke up a
monopoly and they use citizen owned air waves and didn’t the government develop
the internet and then just give it away? 

of these entities owe much of their success to the tax payer and the government
and where I am not saying our schools are problem free, ignore poverty and over
test much, I am saying it’s not the hapless boogeyman people like Endlow would
have you believe. Once again facts and evidence rarely deter these guys from
what their gut says or what their lifestyle demands

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