Ed Pratt Dannals parting gift, a district in turmoil

If you have been reading my blog you know I have been calling
for mandatory summer school for some students for quite sometime. We might not
like it but some kids need more time to learn the material and less time to
lose what they have learned. Because I believe this I was encouraged when the
district said it would be giving some families the option of sending their studnets to summer
school or having them retained last year.

According to a Times Union article last June as many as 3000 K-2
students were going to be eligible for a new summer school designed to get them on grade level, according to a Times
Union article today they have no idea how many actually attended because of
poor academic performance during the year.
The district blames a coding issue but can’t pinpoint ultimately
where the fault lies but I can tell you. It lies with Ed Pratt Dannals who went
from teaching quadratic equations to running our schools something he had no business
Nikolai Vitti, who said problems like this won
t happen under his watch.
But the problem is episodes like this happened all the time
under the last superintendent’s watch. Gaff after gaff characterized Ed Pratt
Dannals rein over our schools and despite the fact Superintendent Vitti has hit
the ground running and have done numerous needed things already it will take
the district some time to recover from the last administration.  

So before we get all
nostalgic and give Ed Pratt-Dannals a gold watch and a parade lets remember the
hole he left us in.   

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