Ed Pratt Dannals major butt kissing of Gary Chartrand

From the times Union: “We are pleased that someone from Jacksonville was elected as Chair of the State Board of Education. Mr. Chartrand has a broad understanding of the efforts, progress and challenges of school districts, not only in Duval County, but in a number of districts throughout the state,” Duval Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals said.

And what exactly is Chartrand’s broad understanding? He has frequently said class size doesn’t matter, teacher experience and education doesn’t matter and is a proponent of merit pay and high stakes testing. To me that shows an almost complete lack of understanding.

I also find this very ironic coming from our superintendent because his term in office has been so terrible, i.e. how would he know what was good or not, though it does further cement my thought that the DCPSboard asks how high when Chartrand says jump.

Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/news/florida/2012-09-07/story/gary-chartrand-named-chairman-florida-board-education#ixzz25ns81GVj

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  1. They sure have not understood how important teacher morale is. You can't disrepect and dismiss teachers and expect good results. I can't believe this Mr. Chartrand is Chairman of the State Board of Education. So depressing for the future of public schools. Prattdannals is showing his true colors by showing support for this man, Chartrand.

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