An easy way to improve Florida’s schools

One of the biggest problems with education is the Florida Legislature. The body has few former teachers or the ones that did, did so long ago. Yet despite this they think they know it all. Some mettle and tinker and throw out half baked ideas like John Thrashers latest one. Other members don’t like unions though there’s no evidence that I have seen that unions protect bad teachers and since teachers in Florida can’t strike nor or are they particularly well paid; it’s hard to understand why. Then there are a few more that think vouchers and charter schools are the solution and that the days of public education should come to an end but what they either don’t realize or just don’t care is that they bring many problems with them as well.

If you want to see education improve get rid of the Florida Department of Education and bar the legislature from interfering with local school districts other than approving each individual counties standardized test and procedures for which they hire teachers. If we believe in home rule isn’t that all they should be doing anyways?

A lack of funding, the f-cat, taking away teacher’s tenure, the lottery are all designed by Tallahassee to pull the wool over the public’s eyes, to distract them from one of the real problems which is the legislature itself.

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