Duval Moves 45 principals, nearly 150 assistants

Remember he moved 13 at the last school board meeting, below are the new, new moves



Some people are having trouble opening the links. Sometimes my Google chrome won’t work and I have to use Internet explorer instead, so one way to see them might be to open this in another browser.

Or you can go to the county web-site  http://www.duvalschools.org/

Then go to, about DCPS, Our School board and then to the board agendas, the 7/2 agenda has the moves.

I hope that helps.

One last thing, at the board meeting Vitti said there were 46 changes.  

5 Replies to “Duval Moves 45 principals, nearly 150 assistants”

  1. If the links above don't work try this one.


  2. duvalschools.org/eagenda/July%202,%202013,%20Regular%20Board%20Meeting%20on%20Tuesday,%20

  3. They links work for me. I think different browsers can load different things but I am a long way from tech savvy. One last suggestion is go to the DCPS website duvalschools.org/
    and then go to about DCPS, Our School board and then to the board agendas, the 7/2 agenda has the moves.

  4. My school is now on its 3rd principal in 4 years. We were a solid A that dropped. Continuity would be a nice thing.

  5. Oh great…just read that we (an elementary school) are getting a v.p. from a high school. She is going to be evaluating me? What the heck does a high school educator know about a primary- ed classroom. And won't she be in a pissy mood most of the year because she had to make the move.

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