Duval has been very charter school friendly. #whatstherush

The superintendent has said his open school policy is to
bring students back from charter schools. I find that difficult to
Last year the superintendent attended a conference whose
theme was how do we attract more charters. In the fall Superintendent Vitti
hired a charter school lobbyist and I have seen very little resistance to the
proliferation of charter schools as a dozen or so have been improved.
If the district truly wants to bring students back from
charter schools it has not shown it. Which makes me wonder what the real reason
why there is a rush to fundamentally change our schools. Furthermore the
districts enrollment actually increased this year and since that is the case why
the rush to fundamentally change our schools?
I have serious reservations about this idea, but if it is a good
one then it will be a good one next year when all the kinks and wrinkles can be
ironed out.
Chris Guerrieri

School Teacher

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