Duval County’s unforced errors

First there is the hiring and firing of the principal from
Atlanta brought in to run the boys side of Butler Middle. Can you imagine, this
guy quit his job, told all his friends and family heading to Jax and then the
district pulled the plug because they said things surfaced during the vetting
process? The principal disagrees saying the district knew of the accusations before
they hired him. 
But say the district is being honest, hey do your vetting
before you announce your hires why don’t you. Sheesh it’s like a landlord
giving out the keys and taking the deposit before doing the background check.
Then there is some hypocrisy here too. The principal in question was cleared of
all wrong doing and I know for a fact there is at least one member of Vitti’s
inner circle who had his teaching cert suspended for something pretty
egregious. Vitti himself told me people should have second chances but I guess
that’s only for his friends.
Then there is the district just throwing up it’s hands over
the IPDPs teachers were required to do. IPDP stands for Individual Professional
Development Plan and for years teachers were “required” to do them but for the
most part did the bare minimum but then this year things got real.
The state required a third metric to go along with principal
observations and tests scores to evaluate teachers and the district chose to
use the IPDPs. Well the district so bungled the roll out that they have now
decided to award all teachers max points (10 percent of the overall evaluation).
Now yes this error was in teachers’ favor but unlike in years past I and I am
sure many others spent a significant amount of time on our IPDPs.   
If we’re going to use this, and people new this day was
coming for years, then what stopped the district from using it correctly? 
Then there is the colossal blunder of open enrollment. Who
thought fundamentally changing the district was going to be easier and take
less time than it takes for me to write an IEP? The district that’s who. It was
suggested and then scheduled to be voted on in less than a month and the city
lost it’s shi*.
Both sides of the argument were in an uproar about a
suggestion that they had just heard of. One side said it would destroy
neighborhood schools and the other side said it was the only way the district
could survive, with the truth being somewhere in between.
Open enrollment might be a conversation we need to have but
it is something you talk about for months or even years before making a call.
You don’t have the idea while driving into work one random Tuesday. It
needlessly threw the city into turmoil and quite frankly it will make big
initiatives even if done the right way more difficult to pull off in the
future. It is time we stopped throwing ideas like paint against a wall and hoping
something to sticks.   

Three big swings and misses courtesy of the Duval
County School District.

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  1. Which member of the inner circle had his or her license suspended? It's a matter of public record; I just need a name.

    Speaking of which, why was Ben Hall of Sandalwood not arrested and why was the story not in the papers?

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