Duval County throws its assistant principals under the bus.

Sadly they aren’t the only ones as hundreds of security
guards and office staff are getting pink slips as we speak.
Assistant principals were on 12 month contracts, which means
they work all year. Teachers are on ten month contracts but they can set it up
so they can get paid over the summer. Since APs worked scheduled to work 12 months there was no
reason for them to set up summer pay.
Well APs were just told they were now ten month employees.
That means for most they get two more pay checks and then nothing else. The AP I
talked to on the brink of tears she said, she didn’t know how she was
going to pay her bills. That she was losing six thousand dollars. It’s worse
because when she became an AP they reduced her hourly wage but because she was
going from 10 to 12 months she was going to make more in the end, and because
of the districts abrupt change now it turns out she actually taken a pay
If they were told six months ago, so they could have time to
prepare you kind of tilt your head and begrudgedly  go okay, if the memo came down that next year
the change would took place would be even better, but it seems neither of those things has
happened and instead dozens of lives are being thrown into chaos.
Furthermore a lot of schools last year were given an extra AP and now many of those positions are being cut, leaving dozens more to wonder if they will have gigs next year.
The district wonders why it has a hard time keeping and
attracting talent, well it’s because they throw their employees under the bus at
an increasingly and alarmingly rate. 

For shame.

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