Duval County School Board tables lopsided school deal

In case you missed it the school board was about to sell an old school for a thousand dollars but tonight they pulled the item from consideration.

It has just been revealed (in an earlier post by Bradford Hall) there may have been dubious circumstances behind the deal too. Paula Wright months ago postulated that they might sell it to a civic group for a thousand dollars, the amount that were about to sell it for to a newly formed civic group. Furthermore the cries that the grounds are contaminated with ash may have been greatly exaggerated and the schools location may have made it a potential windfall for its new owners. Located in the new town success zone, the property is eligible for grants and tax breaks to the right developer.

This is twice in recent weeks that Education Matters has shone light on dubious deals and twice the deals disappeared.

Imagine if Jacksonville had a press that was as interested in finding out about the dealings at the school board.

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