The Duval County School Board needs to rethink what it is doing

I was reluctantly okay with this current school board picking the next superintendent if that person was in place before the 12-13 school year began. Despite having almost six months to find a replacement it is becoming more and more apparent that won’t happen. Because of this I believe the current board should have nothing to do with picking the next super.

Think about this too, at least three and possibly 4 of the current board members will be gone come November and three of the current board members, Barrett, Hazouri and Burney, arguably have a poor track record of picking superintendents.

There is one thing the board should do and that’s pick an intern super to run the district until a permanent replacement can be found and that person should be James Young formerly of Ribault high school. Dr. Young has a history of empowering and supporting his staff and turning around struggling schools, things the current super can’t say.

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