Duval County rolls over to Charter Schools USA while other cities fight back.

the Tampa Tribune:
 Four months after the Hillsborough County school board
denied an application for a charter school at MacDill Air Force Base, the
district is raising questions about who’s in charge at three other schools
operated by the company that proposed it, Charter Schools USA.
Those calling the shots at Henderson Hammock, Winthrop and Woodmont charter
schools are from out of town, a violation of their contracts with the school
board, district charter school director Jenna Hodgens said.
law doesn’t require local control of charter schools, which are public schools
operated privately, but it does give school districts wide latitude to
establish their own conditions.
feel strongly about a local board,” Hodgens said. “Other districts don’t push
the issue, but we do.”
We would be one of the districts that doesn’t push the
I pointed out to our school board that none of the members
of the charter schools board were from Jacksonville but this revelation was met
with a collective shrug of its shoulders.
Jason Fischer also took campaign donations from charter
schools USA, and coincidently enough it is in his district where the new school
is being built, oh it started construction even before it received approval.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a board that was more
interested in doing what is right for our students than adding to the bank
accounts of millionaire, mercenary charter school operators?

That’s obviously a priority in Tampa. 

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