Duval County Public Schools ties teacher’s hands and then blames them when a fight occurs.

Teachers and administrators getting in trouble for breaking
up fights.
Students getting the barest or no consequences for getting
in fights.
Schools allowing kids to get in multiple fights before stepping
in because of the new discipline policies enacted by superintendent Vitti.
It’s a minor miracle that more students and teachers haven’t
been serious injured.
Well now friends we can add the district blaming teachers
for not intervening when a fight occurs to the list.
From ActionNewsJax
We went to the
district for answers. Spokesperson Tia Ford said that the expectations for
educators to contribute to student safety is laid out in state law, and further
specified in staff contracts that vary from position to position. She also
pointed us to the state’s Code of Ethics for educators, which we found says
staff shall make reasonable effort to protect the student from harmful
Are you kidding me? The district has created the harmful
conditions in our schools. Their indifference to violence and their creation of
a discipline policy so lax it practically encourages violence has led to these
harmful conditions.
What reasonable effort has the district made to protect our
children? The answer is none.

2 Replies to “Duval County Public Schools ties teacher’s hands and then blames them when a fight occurs.”

  1. I will not get near students who are fighting. I refuse to get hurt on my job, and I have seen teachers get hurt when they tried to intervene.

  2. I don't get paid to break up a fight. I get paid to teach. I will, however, attempt to dissolve a conflict before it begins or call security when a fight does break out. There is no way I would even try to break one up in Duval's current climate of blame on everyone but the student.

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