Duval County Public Schools are being told to under project enrollment by 50 students at every school.

That is basically two teaching positions
The reason being given is the district doesn’t know the
effect on enrollment that all the new charter schools that will be starting next
year. It doesn’t mean that every school will be down by 50 kids and some
schools won’t see growth but it means it is likely that school teachers will
lose their jobs.

Another reason the schools might be told to under
estimate is to make it easier to get rid of administrators, librarians or other
teachers that speak up or question how things are going. 

Don’t think for a second that Duval County isn’t ground zero for the privatization movement of public education.

2 Replies to “Duval County Public Schools are being told to under project enrollment by 50 students at every school.”

  1. I'm in trouble again this year for asking questions. I foolishly believed that things would be different with Vitti here, but it's the same old, same old for sure.

  2. I am out. After 25 years most of which were enjoyable, the changes in the last five were intolerable. Working for principals that probably should have never left high school, no understanding how to lead through anything except fear and intimidation. Racism is alive iand well in many schools in Duval. Racism takes on many images. Color of your skin, your age ( yes those with many years I mean you), your likability factor ( do you sit there and take it or speak up ). I am so happy to be gone. I to had hoped that Vitti would make things better. Not going to happen. At least with EPD you knew your were screwed. Good luck to all theeducators that work in Duval.
    Chris thank you very much for your blog. It should be required reading in Duval county.

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