Duval County initiates a hiring freeze.

From DTU: 1.     Transformation School Displacement, Surplus, and Voluntary Transfer: The DCPS Human Resources Department is trying to place a high volume of employees that have either been surplussed from all worksites or who have received administrative transfers or the ability to opt out from Transformation schools.  The majority of these employees are in the teacher unit. There are approximately 700 teachers that must be placed. Because of this, there is a hiring freeze for DCPS.

That’s a lot of teachers being moved around, some of who may ultimately lose their jobs because of the QEA transfers, influx of Teach for America and the districts new class size policy where they decided paying a fine was better and cheaper than trying to meet the requirements. Then consider the three hundred security guards and secretaries who are being straight up let go. That’s a thousand people and their families whose lives to some degree or another are being messed with.

I just imagine things being run differently and better. How about you?

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