Duval County high schools gut librarian positions

There are 23 fewer librarian positions this year in Duval
County and for a district with a reading problem that is shameful.
There are seventeen high schools without a librarian which
is the kiss of death for inquiry based reports and totally goes away from the
common core, which wants in depth knowledge of fewer subjects, calls for.  Most middle schools are going without librarians
too. Furthermore a lot of librarians that are left report that they have become
nothing but coverage so other teachers can have planning periods.
Vitti passed the buck to the principals saying it was their
choice but at the same time he told them they had to absorb several other
positions and he didn’t give the principals an option on them.
And where I like Vitti’s renewed commitment to student
accountability it doesn’t make sense to cut so many vital positions when the
district is sitting on tens of millions of dollars. The district is statutorily
required to keep 3% of its money in reserves but DCPS chose to keep 7% in the
couch cushions instead, if we would have kept just six percent we could have afforded the librarians.
Talk about priorities.

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