Duval County has needlessly been firing teachers

Last night by emergency order the district waived the June 30th deadline for letting teachers go due to certification issues/teaching out of field.

I confess I was ignorant, I didn’t realize this was an arbitrary deadline that the district created and to be honest I am all for the district keeping teachers rather than firing them for not meeting some made up deadline.
Two things though how many hundreds of teachers have been needlessly let go over the years and didn’t the district just say they were having no trouble filling teacher positions, well if so why the emergency order?
Then finally the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if this is to benefit Teach for America because the truth is the vast majority of them are on temporary not professional certificates.
Check out the emergency agenda items.
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  1. The Board is changing their policy to match what the state requires: an out-of-field teacher may continue in employment as long as they are assigned to a subject they are certified for and they are not to be put back into out-of-field status until they complete requirements to be in-field in that subject. This doesn't apply to expiring certificates that are not renewed in time. What is amazing is the reason given: they admit these effective, fired teachers will go to neighboring districts and get hired and they really want to keep them.

  2. Here's an update: the district sent out an out of field email on the evening of December 23rd with over 15000 entries for potential out of field flags and threatened terminations. Now many of these entries are listing all courses for individual teachers — but that's still quite a list.

    There is no mention at all of the adjusted policy in the mostly threatening not very helpful district email.

    Many teachers are included that are not flagged for ESOL or any other discernible reason.

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