Duval County experiences an enrollment drop. Hmm I wonder why?

The superintendent gives several possibilities; from the Times Union, Pratt-Dannals said the decline is likely due to “a combination of factors.”

Increases in the number of home school students, and those receiving the McKay Scholarship, which allows special needs students to attend private schools, account for some of the withdrawals, he said.

The economy also might have prompted some families to move out of the school district as parents pursue job opportunities outside the area, Pratt-Dannals said.

Another factor is a decrease in students enrolled in the school district’s virtual school.

Well I guess those are some possibilities others might be this past year, which was the worse in recent memory. This Betty Burney run school board was characterized by blunder after blunder.

Though rough years is nothing new since the superintendent got his job. He is greatly responsible for the gutting of discipline, the destruction of rigor and the poor teacher morale that has been pervasive in the district over the last half decade.

Then there is the fact the districts around us are doing better and many of the families that could get out have got out, though I don’t think any of these possibilities went through Ed Pratt-Dannals mind.

Read more at Jacksonville.com: http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2012-09-13/story/duval-schools-could-lose-10-million-state-funding-because-unexpected#ixzz26ODsS57V

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