Duval County Education Politics divided along racial lines.

Yesterday I wrote a post about race and education and I received
a bit of flack for it. Maybe it was justified, the title seemed to indicate I
lumped all black people into one group but what I was actually doing was trying
to lump the leadership of the black community into one group. I hope people see
that is a difference.
Well today what I wrote about came true. Betty Burney, Paula
Wright, Connie Hall and the NAACP all supported Kriner Cash an African American
candidate. Influential resident Gary Chartrand and the five white members of
the school board instead supported Nikolai Vitti a white candidate.

We can ignore this, we can imply I am a racist or we
can realize that race is alive and well in Jacksonville Education politics and
it is playing a role. We only need to look where we find ourselves to determine
what kind of role that is. 

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