Duval County doesn’t understand what suspensions are for

It used to be you suspended a kid when they got home they could expect the back of a hand from their parent and a room with maybe a book. It meant something. Now that many parents are abdicating their responsibilities suspension is little more than vacation to some kids but that doesn’t mean they are any less important.

It was a punishment and it gave parents and opportunity to be parents.

Now often when kids are suspended it’s not so they can learn a lesson, it so the other kids in their class can just learn in general. So many teachers and students have to endure toxic leaning environments because the district refuses to do something about discipline.

You want test grades and college readiness to improve? Tackle that problem first.

Suspensions aren’t for the kid being suspended, they are so the other kids can feel safe and learn. Those are the kids the system should be concerned about, not the thugs and malcontents that roam the halls of our schools.

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