Duval County asks its teachers to take it on the chin

Here are the facts. Once again members of the school board received a 2800 dollar raise. They went from making what a first year teacher makes to making what a 9th year teacher makes. Also a teacher would have to work 20 years to see that kind of raise.

Next the super wants to pay teachers a stipend well below their normal hourly rate to attend a week long teacher’s academy.

Finally the board wants to sit on 3 times the reserves it is required to or an additional 50 million dollars.

My question is why are teachers most of whom already spend a lot of their own money on their students and classrooms and who when compared to teachers nationally are grossly underpaid supposed to take it on the chin?

This is absolutely disrespectful.

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  1. I spent $28 on used paperback books for my students today at the Nease garage sale. Teachers did not get a step last year; a one-time bonus instead. That's a $30,000 rip off for me. This is shameful.

  2. The legislature sets the board pay based on student enrollment. Paula Wright is the only person who "technically" took a pay raise.

  3. Yes the legislature does set the pay, but they don't give teachers the same option and I read Hall took it and Smith-Juarez wasn't sure… and even if just one took it, it makes point valid

  4. Hall's school board pay was never less than what she is being paid now. Technically, the only people who were given pay raises were Lee, Couch, and Wright. Wright is the only person who chose to accept it.

  5. Her SB salary? She hadn't worked in the district for years, I mean other than providing imaginary services through her sham companies, and don't think like Burney was her being on the board isn't about her somehow making a buck. And regardless SB members went from earning what a first year teacher makes to (potentially) what a 9th year teacher makes. Who is going to take the raise next year, or the next year, or the next year, when it will be offered again? Every year SB memebers are going to have the option while every year the vast amount of teachers are thrown pennies.

  6. Hall I am sure is getting a pension, which means she is double dipping. I know a few retired teachers who wish they could come back…

  7. Yes I'm sure she is double dipping too. Board member salaries are adjusted every year based on student enrollment.

  8. I certainly do not look forward to implementing all the new chsnges in my class. Too much, too soon, and underappreciated. Tomorrow I will be attending the session on "integrity." What kind of integrity does Vitti have when he renigs on our previous contract and says we WON'T be getting the step approved unti the current school board votes on it. WHAT?

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