DTU and the district come through for teachers frozen out of Teacher Lead Money

This was in my inbox

Classroom Supply Assistance Money Agreement

Eligible classroom teachers were paid classroom supply assistance money on the September 28th
paycheck. The State requires that teachers have, in hand, a current teaching certificate in order
to receive the award. Because of that requirement, many classroom teachers, who otherwise
would have been eligible, did not receive the funds because Tallahassee has fallen behind in
processing certificates.

DTU filed a grievance after being notified that some teachers would not receive the
money. These teachers were ineligible through no fault of their own. They had submitted their
paperwork in time as required, but the DOE didn’t process the paperwork in a timely fashion.
After conversations between DTU and DCPS, an agreement was reached to allow the
teachers to be paid the classroom supply assistance money of $325 after their
certificates are received.
In order to be eligible, those impacted classroom teachers must have completed the required
application for their certificate to cover the 2018-2019 school year and must have been working
for DCPS in an eligible position by September 1, 2018.

The Duval Certification Office will conduct
a bi-weekly review of the DOE’s database for certificate issuance of those pending applications.
Human Resources will provide the Payroll Office with a list of those teachers whose certificates
were issued during the reviews so the classroom supply assistance money can be processed for
the next available regular payroll period.

I have to say this is good news, but I also have to say I am still steamed teachers found out they weren’t getting it when they looked at their checks and for days were told so sorry.

The district has to treat its teachers better, they deserve it.

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