Dr. Greene on first coast connect, the good the bad and the what the? (draft)

Before I start I just want to say we should recognize how difficult this is and that the district is working hard. Now I am critical lots of people are and I think should be but we should not forget that the district and super are not the enemy, the enemy is the problem we are trying to solve which is to return to school and do so safely.

She started by saying all kids were going to need facial coverings because they were riding the bus and transitioning. In the original plan, transitioning with a mask was optional. 

They will be requested to wear face coverings while changing classes or using common areas of the school including bathrooms.


She says the mask policy may still be optional depending on what the city plan is.

The district has the capability to go full Duval homeroom or go to more days a week, the district will only reevaluate at the end of each nine weeks.

She said we need to balance the needs of our families and employees. I look at the district’s plans a little differently and wonder where they have even considered the needs of our employees. Safety concerns could be considered more and the district has said on distance learning days teachers will have to work from school which will be a huge problem for teachers with kids.

Given an opportunity to comment on a DeSantis policy to eliminate online resources she pivoted to talking about improvements in Duval homeroom. I am a teacher in the district and haven’t heard word one.

Here is a link to the DeSantis Veto.


Next, she was asked about the RNC coming to town and how that could possibly interfere with school. She either didn’t have an opinion or didn’t want to share it. I have an opinion and it is, the RNC coming here is a reckless and terrible idea.

A lot of experts seem to share my opinion,


Next, she was asked about technology infrastructure and Mellissa Ross asked about mental health resources something the CARES act allowed. I don’t know if she really answered the question.

A called asked about visitors. Dr. Greene said there was a process in place and they would limit visitors. She mentioned per the CDC guidelines they won’t have large scale events and she mentioned just going to HS was a large scale event. This raises a lot of questions about fall sports. 

The next caller asked about lower class sizes and Greene commented about how the schedule will be a hybrid with staggered attendance for grades above elementary. 

Kids that have ADD and need structure were asked about and Greene said Duval homeroom would be different, though once again I wonder if the staff has been notified about changes or new expectations. 

Mellissa Ross talked about St.Johns plans which have yet to be decided on.

Greene mentioned that ESE students will come more frequently though there was no mention of how they would be protected as they are more suspectable to the disease.


A teacher asked about closing schools if there was a case of COVID 19 once the year began. She said they would follow the department of health’s guidance and that it could happen but if people were following guidelines it should be minimized. I think she is being optimistic and putting a brave face for the community, which I guess if fair on her part because that’s part of her job.

Greene then mentioned the school opening web-site would go live next week and parents should check-in.

The interview was about a half-hour long and it seemed like she did as much bobbing and weaving as answering questions. I encourage everyone to check it out and if you want to do so, you can click the link below.


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