Don’t reward Jason Fischer’s terrible performance as a school board member with a ticket to Tallahassee.

Jason Fischer had a love for soil and water before he loved
education as he ran for a position on the soil and water board before he ran
for the school board.
When he ran for school board he misidentified himself as
both a veteran of the navy and as an engineer. He is neither. Unfortunately for
Duval he road an endorsement from Jeb Bush to Prudential drive.
In 2014 shortly after his second year on the board he
announced his run for the state house, you know because in just two years he
learned all he needed to and accomplished all that he could.
Then this past July he quit some five months before his term
would have ended and I can’t really be mad at him for that as it is the best
thing he did while on the board. Though I think it does show how dedicated he
really was to our children which isn’t very.
Then while on the board the district brought in the
disastrous, controversial and universally reviled Engage NY curriculum.
He also took thousands of dollars from charter schools whose
schools he pushed and a job from John Kirtley who is the state’s leading pusher
of vouchers. Vouchers divert over six hundred million dollars to mostly
religious schools which have practically no over site either financially or academically.
About a hundred teach creationism as science.
All this means that instead of working to better our schools
he has been paid to dismantle them.
If that isn’t enough.
He also filmed a commercial in a school which goes against
district policy.
He made an issue of transsexual students using the bathroom
they identify with despite not having an issue with the policy for years.
His financial donors were behind a scandal, releasing texts
that Connie Hall said about the superintendent which needlessly divided and distracted
the board.
He pushed the schools of districts 4 and 5 to make changes
their representatives and many of their families felt would negatively impact
He showed that he is a hypocrite’s hypocrite on more than
one occasion.
He threw a tantrum and threatened legal action when he didn’t
get his way.
He voted to drop out of the school board association which
Ashley Smith Juarez pointed out pays us back tenfold.
He said he would not be swayed by data.
Other school board members would point out how clueless he
As a sitting school board member he endorsed other SB candidates, something that had never happened before.
Is this who you want representing you in Tallahassee? A
snake oil salesman only interested in self advancement?

Mandarin you made one terrible mistake electing this
guy, don’t make the same mistake again. 

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  1. Jason Fischer was our school board representative. My husband and I both sent him emails voicing concerns. He never bothered to respond. Then he resigned the position to focus on his campaign for the state legislature, leaving District 7 with no representation on the School Board. NO WAY should this man be voted into office – at any level. And no, I don't want him representing me in Tallahassee.

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