Does Scott Shine have a man crush on the superintendent?

Oy vey I thought this guy was going to be terrible and he has really hit the ground running. On the job for right at three months he obviously thinks Superintendent Vitti walks on water.

This freshmen school board member who probably doesn’t even know what he doesn’t even know yet gave the superintendent 48 out of fifty highly effectives (4) and two effectives for a stellar average of 3.96.

Not even  our drive by board member and fan of privatization Jason Fisher came close to that at a 3.76 average. Though that’s pretty ridiculous too.

Check here to see the scores:

If Scott Shne isn’t going to take his responsibilities seriously then why did he run for the board? Oh yeah it’s so he could add another line to his resume.

More analysis to come.

2 Replies to “Does Scott Shine have a man crush on the superintendent?”

  1. I know, right? What a boot-licker! A first time super doesn't need to improve in any way. Shine has a man crush. Hey Shine, what R U getting Vitti 4 Valentine's Day?

  2. There may be trouble in River City. When I look at the averages, harmonious relationships with the Board is a 2.7. There are only three categories lower at 2.6. Couch, Hall, and Wright gave him 2s. Only Shine gave him a 4.

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