Does Reince Priebus think black people just shut up and go to the charter school they are told to?

First I hope nobody thinks I am making light of the struggles of
the black community and I acknowledge that despite inroads there is still a
long way to go.
School choice is a hot button topic right now and
many of their supporters are saying it is the next civil rights moment, Rand
Paul, Jeb bush and
Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, all say school choice
is a civil rights issue and they are fighting tooth and nail for expanded
school choice.
the NAACP isn’t. They in fact are resolute against the school choice movement.
despite the fact we all know there were inequities with public schools for generations
and things still aren’t where they should be. They look at charter school
schools and see a back door to segregation. They look at charter schools and
see mercenaries trying to profit off their kids and they look at charter
schools and see that they are providing an inferior product too.  
They obviously
don’t understand that Paul, Bush, Priebus and the rest of the school choice
movement say that they are fighting for them, or maybe they know what they are really
fighting for and it isn’t them.  

The solution is to fix the problems in our public schools, not to outsource our kids futures to what Priebus is selling.

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