Does the kid next to yours have their shots? Duval 67 out of 67.

According to a source with intimate details of local school immunizations Duval County ranks 67th out of 67 for counties for 7th
grade immunization and 65th out of 67 for kindergarten. These two
grades by the way are the only two grades that the health department requires
the districts to report.

Before you go  pull your kids out, my source also says it
is charter schools not district schools that have fallen down on the job, as
most charter schools have chosen to ignore the requirement to report. 
This is what my source told me.
In meetings this week I learned that our
immunization rate plummeted to 67th out of 67 counties for 7th graders and 65th
out of 67 for kindergartners. Why? CHARTER SCHOOLS are counted in those
numbers. Many never entered the shot record into the system that Tallahassee
requires by law. (We only measure those two grades). We gave steadily been
declining as more and more charters come on line. They are not required to have
a registered nurse (or anyone medical) review the records like public schools
Also the percentage of children receiving
mandatory screenings has dropped. Vision, hearing, scoliosis and BMI…because
charter schools are not doing them…also state required.
Thought it was interesting that only this
year do they realize at the department of health that charter schools are FULL
of underserved kids. They are their own business and would have to pay for
their own nurses. A few do contract out but the biggest one–USA, no nurses in Duval.

Dr. Wells, Director of the Duval
County Health Department, has gotten involved and now she is requiring charter
schools to comply with the state mandates that public schools have up till now to but how many kids were put at risk?

Charter schools are
often praised for being able to ignore regulations that public schools have to
comply with, but I am pretty sure neglecting the health of our children isn’t
one of them. 

I have reached out to the Department of Health and when I learn more I will let you know.

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