Does Fel Lee know what reading coaches do?

In the Folio he said: “Most of our secondary schools chose a staff position to support testing over media. The choice, I believe, stems from the fact that for the first time, every school in this county has a reading coach, a resource to enhance and improve literacy,” Lee said.

As I mentioned before most of the schools that lost their librarians already had a reading coach but then today I received the following message: The reading coach comment is out of touch with reality. Coaches have to turn in detailed time logs that are reviewed by several levels of hierarchy. I pity the poor reading coach who spends half a day in the school’s library to make it accessible to kids instead of in teachers’ classrooms. It will be noticed and stopped.

Poor Fred is out of touch on this one.  

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  1. Fel also said that school libraries could be manned by volunteers without any special training whatsoever. Could this guy be any more condescending to media specialists? The majority of media specialists hold a master's degree in library science. But what does Fred care??

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