Does DeSantis and Corcoran work for Trump or the people of Florida?

Trump, through his tweets, asked Ron DeSantis and Richard Corcoran to jump, and they gleefully replied how high. 

At three O’Clock Trump tweeted the following,

Um, everyone wants them to open, just not everyone seems to want to open them safely. If we are honest, the safest thing to do is to continue distance learning until there is a vaccine, but if we are honest, distance learning did not work for many which begs the question why haven’t we spent the last month figuring out how to do it better. I mean, to me, that seems like a better plan than risking lives and spreading the pandemic.

I also have to say, until about two weeks ago, I was all for in-class instruction with safety measured in place, but we went from 100k cases to 200k cases in less than two weeks, and there seems to be no end in sight. 

Two hours later Trump tweeted this,

Sigh, there is a lot to unpack there. First democrats don’t want schools to open in the fall? Everyone wants them to be open, most people just want them to be open safely. Then they want them closed for political reasons? Is it political to want people to be safe?  Is it political not want people to get sick? If so, sign me up. I have been thinking about going back a lot, but not once how it affects the campaign has never popped into my mind. I can’t imagine many people have thought about it.

The president’s remarks over the weekend when he excused teachers teaching children to hate the country in their schools shows how little regard he has for the profession, but politicizing people wanting to be safe is low even for him.

I want to remind DeSantis and Corcoran they don’t work for the president’s campaign; they work for the people of Florida, some of whom they have now just sentenced to catching the coronavirus, sentenced to becoming sick or worse.


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