Does anybody really believe Gary Chartrand wants to help kids?

Gary Chartrand is the guy who went from running grocery
stores to running our schools as the Chair of the State Board of Education, using donations, instead of knowledge and
experience to get the position.
He has made my blog a lot recently, supporting candidates
who aren’t above misleading people and donating to a PAC that straight up
Well today’s installment of, Mr. Chartrand please climb back
into your hole, you are hurting kids, involves his reaction to a lawsuit filed
by the the State School Board Association, FEA, the PTA, the NAACP and the League of Women Voters, the most vile of
children hating groups around (sic) according to his rhetoric anyways, that
wants to stop Florida’s voucher program.
“I believe in choice and in freedom especially for those
children that have limited mobility and limited financial resources. The
Florida tax credit scholarships provide this freedom for our most underserved
population to choose a school that best serves their needs.  The
FSBA “is acting without consideration for this population by filing a law
suit against this program. This is surprising and disheartening, and I call on
them to rethink their position and withdraw the lawsuit.” –
This from the millionaire who sent his children to exclusive
prep schools unlike the schools that he wants to filter Florida’s poorest
children into. Now I fully admit there are some great private schools that take
vouchers but you must fully admit some are operated out of abandoned strip
malls where their teachers with their AA degrees teach creationism as science
and everything in between.
The thing is Chartrand doesn’t care because they aren’t
public schools staffed by union employees and in his mind that makes them
If he really cared about kids then instead of trying to
privatize public education he would be striving to improve it but he’s not and
that should tell you all you need to know.

Mr. Chartrand it’s time to go away. 

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