Do Florida’s business community wants our schools to fail?

It sure seems like it.
If you are against the class size amendment and if you are
for charter schools and more high stakes tests, then you don’t know anything
about education.
The Times Union did an article about how business leaders
are concerned over the new school grading formula. They prefer one that would
have more kids and schools failing as if half of all tenth graders failing all
or part of the recent FSA isn’t enough.
The problem with labeling so many students and schools as
failures is the label doesn’t trigger extra resources or help it triggers
nothing but penalties and further erodes the confidence that the public has in
our schools which is what I think the point of doing so actually is.

The truth is if they ran their businesses like they want our
schools to be run then their business would go out of business but maybe that
is the point too.

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  1. I'm old–58. Let's start with that. In my day, only a few, we're talking 3 or 4 out of 1500, finished high school having completed calculus, taken the AP, and received college credit. Today, every student must do that or they are not deemed 'college and career ready.' In my day, a high school grad took a job with the understanding that there would be OJT: on-the-job training. In other words, employers understood that a new hire had to be shown the ropes and trained in the specific skills needed.

    No more. Colleges and employers have kicked THEIR responsibilities to the schools. Then they claim the schools fail to do what they refuse to do. Sorry, but education, public or private, has never been able to make students ready to matriculate with the intellectual skills of a college junior, or take a job with the experience of someone who has spent two years learning the skills.

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