District 7 gets a new candidate interested in checking off a line on his bucket list

Have I mentioned that Jason Fischer ran for the Soil and Water board and lost before he ran for the school board? Well say hello to Greg Tison who ran for the same in 2012. Oh what’s he been up to since then? How about running for the city council.


He probably would have run for dog catcher had he been able to by now.

From his candidate statement,  Among Greg’s top priorities for Duval Schools: expand “student choice” within local education, recruit and retain highly effective educators, and constructively deal with the problem of our aging school infrastructure.


Expanding student choice is usually a euphemism for privatization and that has been a disaster for district 7 and gosh darn it if only we had some good teachers we wouldn’t be in the boat we are. Ugh!

District 7 is the most important school board race in the last 25 years. It can tilt the board back from people who want to blow up our district and replace it with a privatized paradise to a board that wants to roll up our sleeves and improve it.

From what I can tell district 7 already has some solid choices and that’s what we need, not some guy looking to check being elected off his bucket list.

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  1. Thank you for keeping District 7 voters aware and updated. Perennial candidates is not what District 7 needs, that includes both Lori and Greg!

  2. Maybe he's inspired to follow in the footsteps of another grocer, Gary Chartrand. How much you want a bet his supporters and backers will somehow be connected with that man and his family. Could be worse than Fischer!
    So, just how does managing the farmer's market mean you know anything about education? Oh,wait, it doesn't.

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