Did the Jacksonville Public Education Fund call out Gary Chartrand?

Trey Czar the head of the JPEF penned an editorial in this
past Sunday’s Times Union where he wrote the following modest criticisms: It is
clear our state’s school accountability system needs to be modernized…  and, because of the way the current system
is structured, any small changes to the formula used to calculate school grades
can cause them to fluctuate wildly.  http://jaxpef.org/news/2013/08/op-ed-in-todays-newspapers-on-school-accountability.aspx
Hardly the fierce criticism the grading system has gotten
elsewhere but in it’s own way it is still remarkable. You see the chair of the state
board of education; the man who is arguably responsible for all these wild fluctuations,
Gary Chartrand sits on the board of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund too.
For Trey Czar to offer any
criticism, no matter how tepid, it is a real shocker. It is akin to Bush supporter
and Ed board member Kathleen
Shanahan, saying the state’s school-accountability system is in disarray.
“We have a mess on our hands,” she said, adding
that “I don’t think we can wait” to address growing public concerns
about how students, teachers and schools are evaluated.

For these staunch supporters of the State’s accountability
system to say anything is shocking and really indicates the disarray the system
is in.  

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