Did Fel Lee reveal something sinister about the school board in his farewell announcement?

I have to say I thought Mr. Lee was going to be a disaster
when he was elected to the board and at the same time I had high hopes for both
Couch and Wright but the truth is Lee has been the best of all of them and
maybe that’s why him leaving the board makes sense. He said he wouldn’t be able
to dedicate the time he need to do the job effectively and the job was more
important than that, sadly I don’t think that has stopped to many other board
members from running or staying. I didn’t always agree with Mr. Lee but at the
end of the day I felt he represented his district and the kids of Jacksonville pretty
In the Times
Union article Mr. Lee also said the following:   “People jump into this thing for one
issue or two issues or because of some one thing that happened to one student,”
Lee said. “Run for the right reasons, which is for the students.”
wonder whom Mr. Lee could be referring to there? Who could he know intimately
enough to make that assertion? Could he be talking about Smith-Juarez or
Fischer who have close ties to the privatization movement or Hall who seems
like little more than an empty suit? Or previous members, Gentry who treated
the job like it was just a line on a resume, Hazouri who just couldn’t get
enough of the limelight or Burney who fed off the public trough for way to

I guess it could have been none of them but it really
makes one wonder who Lee was talking about.

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